mobile diagnostics

leading mobile ultrasound

Infinity Imaging was founded to serve the Chicagoland area with a mobile ultrasound service.  Upon establishment, it was realized that many of the competitors in the industry did not offer an authentically world-class ultrasound service for their clients. Some competitors were indeed efficient, however, they were also largely ineffective and did not offer high quality diagnostic imaging.

It is our mission to serve our clients and patients with utmost quality and ingenuity. As the diagnostic imaging industry continues to expand and innovate, we too follow the latest trends and practices to offer you unparalleled precision and quality in our imaging service.  In fact, we hold a quality standard that compares to high-end ultrasound machines that are not portable, but stationary.  It has been of traditional belief that only stationary equipment can offer high quality imagery; at Infinity Imaging, we did our research, and found portable technology that sets the bar high even for stationary technology.

Infinity Imaging is a mobile imaging service, thus, we vow to create an efficient, quick, and easy experience for you amongst the highest standards of quality.  To achieve this goal, we try hard to be as flexible as possible for your needs or desires.  We also offer a multitude of diagnostic studies so that everything could be completed in one spot, at your convenience. Please see our services page for more information.