mobile diagnostics

Your Health Matters

Infinity Imaging agrees with you that having great health is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life.  However, even during our modern times, there are still people whom neglect the importance of preventive healthcare.  

The key to successful treatment of any illness is detecting an issue before it even becomes an issue that you recognize.  Thus, this is critical in preventing a specific health problem from becoming a nuisance to your life. Furthermore, treatment of existing medical conditions is also most successful when the condition is diagnosed, or detected, in the early stages.

We strive to offer our patients and clients the easiest and most comfortable experience.  To do this, we select only the finest technicians for our mobile imaging team.  In fact, our technicians are multilingual and some of the most experienced in their field.  Additionally, each member of our mobile team is rigorously trained to be a master of our state of the art technology. Upon completion of your study, the images and data are sent to one of our board certified doctors with substantial experience and respect in the medical community.

Let Infinity Imaging help you live a happier and less worrisome life.  We offer a multitude of imaging studies to assist you in prevention, treatment, and diagnosis.  Please use the side menu to see how you can be prepared and organized for your imaging study, and to contact us to schedule an appointment.