At Infinity Imaging we hire and enlist only the finest members to join our team in order to provide you with the most comprehensive service of the highest quality.

The Team


We hire and enlist only the most respected, qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields.  

The Doctors

Constantly working behind the scenes is a strong, and highly respected group of board certified doctors, including radiologists, cardiologists, and radiation oncologists that live to provide people with only the most precise, and reliable diagnosis.  Our doctors rely on their substantial experience in their field to make decisions and conclusions.  By receiving only the highest quality of studies from our technicians, these experienced doctors are able to diagnose precisely and efficiently, offering you a peace of mind in that you will be able to make an educated decision and a solid plan of action as it pertains to you or your patient.  

mobile diagnostics

The Technicians

All members of our mobile imaging team are exceptionally talented with at least twelve years of prior experience, and offer a vast understanding of medicine outside of just ultrasound. Additionally, these valued team members have become masters of the specific equipment that Infinity Imaging provides,  allowing for the most optimal use of our high performing ultrasound machines. Furthermore, several of our technicians are multilingual, which may be beneficial to creating a comfortable and lasting positive patient impression for your practice.